Website Maintenance

Smart Site Designs offers maintenance service to those who will need continuing service for their website. Billing is by the quarter hour so there is no need to pay for an hour of service. If preferred, we also offer various maintenance agreements.

Maintenance includes troubleshooting, editing of text, calendar and upcoming events, photograph/images, etc.

While monthly hours do not roll over, in order to ensure maximum benefit to the client we send a reminder about unused time prior to expiration.

Maintenance Agreements

  1. 2 Hour Monthly Agreement; this is an annual plan which will give you a 20% discount off the standard hourly rate.
  2. Pre-Paid Annual Agreements
    1. 1 hour per month = 13 months of services
    2. 3 hours per month = 14 months of services
    3. 4 or more hours per month = 15 months of services
  3. Flexible Maintenance Agreement; this is a retainer agreement with an upfront retainer fee and flexible to suit individual client's needs. The included number of hours will depend on the up front retainer fee. Once the included hours have been depleted billing will be on a 15 minute increment on the standard hourly rate. This can be a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual plan depending on your anticipated hourly needs. The retainer fee is considered a pre-payment and the included time allowance expires when the plan expires.